Bulk Discounts

At Nood we found that often our customers wanted more than one colour of case so we decided offer bulk discounts across all our products. When you add more than 1 item to cart you will receive a discount. It doesn't matter what type of cases or accessories you buy as long as you buy more than 1. Simply add the items to cart and at checkout the bulk discount will be applied. You can see the full discount table below with quantities and percentages off:

Qty Price Discount
Buy 1 £19.99 GBP ea 0% Off
Buy 2 £17.99 GBP ea 10% Off
Buy 3 £16.99 GBP ea 15% Off
Buy 4 £15.99 GBP ea 20% Off
Buy 5 £14.99 GBP ea 25% Off

Don't say we are not good to you! ;)